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The Isle of Siptah: A Complete Guide to Sigils

There are 14 Elder Vaults on the Isle of Siptah. Each has a Sigil.

In the world of Conan Exiles, Sigils are unique to the Isle of Siptah DLC. They’re consumables that offer some very useful abilities.

What are Sigils and where to find them?

Sigils are golden magical discs found in the lore room of each of the 14 Elder Vaults on the Island of Siptah (see the map above). Once you’ve battled your way through a Vault and defeated the boss you’ll be able to enter a room that has a lore globe and some chests in it. The largest of the chests will contain a Sigil, amongst other things. Once found you can interact with the Sigil and put it in your inventory.

How do you use Sigils?

Sigils are consumables that either enhance an existing ability or help you develop a new one. When it’s in your inventory you can use it as you would an item of food. Once consumed a Sigil’s effect will last for as long as you do, but each time you die some of your Sigil abilities will disappear. The official patch notes say that: “The final sigil on a player will now be removed upon death”, which could mean all of them vanish or just the last one you picked up.

To recover a lost Sigil you have to return to the vault where you found it and pick up a new one. Note that there is one particularly useful Sigil – the Sigil of the Fiend, from the Asylum of the Fiends. This Sigil acts as a buffer that prevents the loss of other Sigils you have in play, but, like the others, once it’s gone (i.e. after you croak) you’ll have to replace it.


The Sigil locations and the abilities they confer are listed below:

Sigil of the Fiend from the Asylum of the Fiends – prevents you from losing other sigils you have in effect.

Sigil of the Bat from the Bastion of the Bat-Demons – boosts your ability to jump when sprinting.

Sigil of the Demon from the Demense of the Demon Spider – allows you to run further without rest.

Sigil of the Outsider from the Asylum of the Outsiders – scours corruption from your soul (i.e. reduces your susceptibility to corruption).

Sigil of Jhil's Brood from the Volary of Jhil – boosts your ability to survive long falls.

Sigil of the Drowned from the Harbour of the Drowned – boosts your carry capacity while injured.

Sigil of the Twice-Drowned from the Harbour of the Twice-Drowned – allows you to make occasional attacks without stamina cost.

Sigil of the Goblin from the Refuge of the Goblinoids – boosts your hardiness.

Sigil of the Gremlin from the Refuge of the Gremlins – boosts your capacity to recover resources.

Sigil of the Harpy from the Volary of the Harpy – gives you the ability to cling tenaciously to walls when you should have fallen.

Sigil of the Serpent from the Sanctuary of the Snakemen – boosts your ability to remove poison from your blood.

Sigil of the Snakemen from the Sanctuary of the Serpent – boosts the thickness of your blood (i.e. reduces your susceptibility to bleed damage).

Sigil of the Wolf-brothers from the Den of the Wolfmen – boosts your ability to coax more out of your mount.

Sigil of the Wolfmen from the Den of the Wolf Brothers – provides you with health for every enemy killed.

If you’ve found the above useful, why not check out some of my Isle of Siptah gameplay.

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