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Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery - Chapter Two

The Second Chapter of the Age of Sorcery ramps up the magic content of Conan Exiles and develops the lore around the use of the occult arts in the Exiled Lands.

The Lore of the Age of Sorcery

Essentially the story is this...

One of the NPCs you can converse with in the game is the Stygian sorcerer Mek-Kamoses who teaches you the Religion of Set. When you speak to Mek he bemoans the fact that the bracelet that imprisons him, and everyone else, in the Exiled Lands also prevents him from using his sorcerous powers. In addition we find out that Mek was thrown into the Exiled Lands by his rival, the sinister magician Thoth-Amon.

Stygian Sorcerer in Egyptian clothes
Mek-Kamoses the Stygian Sorcerer behind Chapter 2

However, the arrival of the sorcerer Kurak in Chapter One of the Age of Sorcery has given Mek-Kamoses hope that he can escape his desert prison and get revenge on his enemy. Kurak is using some kind of ‘wild magic’ that he’s taught to various acolytes across the Exiled Lands. Mek-Kamoses is unfamiliar with this type of sorcery so is paying Khitan mercenaries to bring him these acolytes, or their skulls, so he can study them, learn the secrets of wild magic and escape.

This background sets the scene for Chapter Two in which we're tasked with either capturing or killing sorcerers and bringing them, or their skulls, to one of may Khitan caravans dotted over the map. Virtually every large NPC camp has a caravan near it and it’s here that you can exchange your captives for rewards.

Woman standing near Khitan caravan
A Khitan caravan near The Sinkhole.

At most caravans you’ll find a Khitan captain who’ll explain the lore to you, a Khitan slaver who'll sell you thrall fighters or artisans, and Khitan traders who’ll sell you either weapons, supplies or, in some cases, items of Mad Prophet armour (see below). To turn in any captive sorcerers just interact with a slaver or the giant cage on wheels. If you have a sorcerer’s skull place it on the giant metal dish you’ll find in every camp.

Woman standing next to bowl in Khitan camp
Khitan traders let you sell captured sorcerers or their skulls

In exchange for captives and skulls you’ll get a variety of rewards, but in particular you’ll obtain Ancient Obolus a currency that can be exchanged for goods and thralls with any of the Khitan traders.

The Four Magi

Of all the acolytes of Kurak there are four very powerful ones known as the Magi. As you might expect if you kill or capture one of these characters your rewards will be that much greater. Each Magi has their own theme and each is protected both by a magical barrier and by murderous minions who will try to kill you. To reach the Magi, attack their barriers till they break, then kill them or knock them unconscious. As soon a Magi is defeated their minions will vanish.

Woman near magical barrier in volcano
The lair of the volcano Magi - Baalzamon

The four Magi are:

  • Faiman Afthag (whose theme is Darkness) at Stargazer's Crest

  • Uzor the Boneless (Fog) at The Black Keep

  • Radziljas (Lightning) at The Passage

  • Baalzamon (Fire) at The Shrine of the Oracle

Mad Prophet armour

At five of the Khitan camps you’ll find traders who’ll sell you items of Mad Prophet armour.

These armour items are:

  • Helm of the Mad Prophet - a camp near the entrance to New Asagarth

  • Harness of the Mad Prophet - near the Volcano obelisk

  • Bracer of the Mad Prophet - at Skulker’s End (an NPC camp near The Dregs)

  • Tasset of the Mad Prophet - at the Descent of Dagon

  • Sandals of the Mad Prophet - at Sepermeru

Woman in Mad Prophet armour
Mad Prophet armour - we're missing the top!

Stay tuned for Chapter Three...

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