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Conan Exiles (2022): Episode 53 - Flirt! We Hunt Down the Harlot's Journals and Flirt Emotes
Gaudia Certaminis

Conan Exiles (2022): Episode 53 - Flirt! We Hunt Down the Harlot's Journals and Flirt Emotes

I was missing a few of these so thought I'd record an episode where I hunted down all the Harlot's Journals in order to collect the Flirt Emotes. Good fun, came across a few I'd never found before... 00:00 Preamble 05:10 Harlot's Journal 1 07:25 Harlot's Journal 2 11:45 Harlot's Journal 3 14:25 Harlot's Journal 4 17:15 Harlot's Journal 5 24:35 Harlot's Journal 6 28:40 Harlot's Journal 7 29:40 Harlot's Journal 8 35:50 Harlot's Journal 9 37:40 Flirt Emote Demonstrations Journal #1 The old chieftain, wretch that his is, lies dying now, and I can do little to help as I have no knowledge of the arcane arts or of medicine. My expertise in bedroom acrobatics will be of little use to the old fool - it might bring him closer to the brink, if not push him over completely. When he dies, I wonder what will become of me. Still - Chamiel, his son, is strong and not very intelligent. If I play my cards right, I may still have a safe haven here. I think I shall have to pay him a night-time visit to ease his weary mind and muscle. The thought of getting caught is enticing in itself, although the prospect of the wheel is less so. I shall have to be careful. No emote Journal #2 Miserable bastard. The chieftain is infuriatingly strong-willed! He simply refuses to die. To make matters worse, I believe Chamiel has been bragging about our acrobatics to the camp guards, despite my pleas to keep our meetings a secret. The situation could be dangerous, especially if the chieftain recovers and hears the rumors. I may have to leave this place prematurely... perhaps I should head south, past the walls and toward the riverbed. Emote: Flirt Journal #3 It pays to have an ample supply of lubricants and oils handy. I managed to slip out of the shackles binding me to the wheel of pain during the changing of the guard. I ran through the desert until I could no longer see the village. Skirting the outer walls of the cursed city, I made my way to this place. For a wasteland this desert teems with life and plenty of souls in need of a warm embrace and soft words whispered into their ears. I won't settle here, however. The cursed city looms over me like a beast and I cannot relax in its shadow. I also have no intention of waking up to a scorpion skittering between my legs. I have enough of that horseplay from the locals. I will follow the river, and see where it goes. Emote: Comb Hair Journal #4 Had I known of the crocodiles, I would have taken my chances in the desert! The scaled monstrosities followed me at a distance and I thought I had lost them. Alas! I was not as lucky as I had hoped. One of the larger ones lunged at me from the water and tore my dancing silks, forcing me to abandon them for plainer fare. Thankfully, the crocodile seemed more interested in thrashing about with my torn clothing, than with me, so I was able to escape. I am exhausted, and will make camp here before I head further north. I have seen a spire stretching towards the sky. I will make my way there. Emote: Show Off Journal #5 I have set up a temporary camp in the area. The tent threatens to blow away in the wind and the ruins whisper to me at night, so I dare not stay here for long. My arms and legs are sore for all the wrong reasons - travelling in this fashion is a strain on my constitution much worse than any man or woman I ever bedded in the bordellos of Zamoria. It may be wishful thinking but I believe I can hear occasional sounds from the north. There may be an encampment there. Tomorrow I will find out. I miss my bed in the village. I even miss my old chieftain. Emote: Blow Kiss Journal #6 How refreshing! Food and the company of men and women to my liking! I have been welcomed with open arms and robes. The men fight for my fancy and many have claimed me for themselves. My skills are useful here. A fluttered eyelash here, a crooked finger there and a mysterious smile at the right moment. They practically line up at the entrance to my small tent. "Protect me", I whisper as they enter my room and they swear eternal guardianship. "Shelter me" I plead as they pull the deerskin pelt over us both and they promise that I will never without. I could get used to this treatment. Yet - their leader watches me. She is strange, commanding the respect of her men but never bedding them. Always watching the ruins to the southwest. I wonder what horrors could there. Emote: Seduce Ran out of room, but you can find #7, #8 and #9 at the following links: #7 #8 #9 Gaudia Certaminis is a gaming channel devoted to RPGs and Survival games. As well as the content on YouTube you can find more reviews, tips and tricks at
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