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How to build a tower in Conan Exiles

Once you’ve become acquainted with the Conan Exiles building system and made a few simple structures you’ll doubtless want to try your hand at something more adventurous. I recommend you start with a simple tower. They might look complex at first sight, but are pretty straightforward once you get down to it.

Conan Exiles character looking at base of tower
The core hexagon with added square foundation blocks

The first step is to make six sandstone wedge (triangle) foundations and snap them together so they form a hexagon. Next you create six square foundation blocks and snap them to the outside of the hexagon (see above). You then fill in the resulting gaps with another six wedge foundations (see below).

Conan Exiles character looking at completed tower foundation
The completed foundation

This is the base of the smallest tower you can create that will still allow the addition of an internal staircase. However, if you want to make your tower foundation larger it’s simply a question of snapping another layer of square foundation blocks to the wedge foundations on your outer layer, then snapping new wedge foundations to the existing square foundation blocks on the outer layer. You then fill in the triangular gaps with more wedge foundations. This pattern can be extended endlessly. However, if you go for a larger base you’ll need to add pillar or wall pieces to support the centre of your ceilings and these additional structures must be added to every floor.

Conan Exiles character looking at tower foundation with stairs
Snapping stairs in place is the most annoying part of the process.

Assuming we’re sticking with the smaller tower, your next step is to create a staircase (I’d recommend one without railings) and snap it to one of the outer wedge foundations so that it extends up over the adjacent square foundation (see above). This step is the trickiest as it’s not unusual for the game to try and snap the staircase everywhere but the place you want it to go (and I mean everywhere). You just have to persevere and change positions a few times to come at it from different angles. Eventually it will work. But it’s annoying, so be prepared.

Conan Exiles character looking at tower base, stairs and start of next floor
Time to start building the ceiling/floor.

Next, snap a wedge ceiling piece to the top of the stairs, then snap more square and wedge ceiling pieces to it in a way that replicates the pattern formed by the foundation blocks. However, the game will only allow you to snap a few of these ceiling pieces together before it will refuse to do any more.

Conan Exiles character trying to snap building piece into place.
If you can’t snap in new ceiling pieces you might be lacking support.

Failure to snap in new ceiling pieces is due to these pieces lacking enough structural support. To provide this support start to snap wall pieces to the outside of your foundation.

Conan Exiles character building tower
Start snapping in wall pieces to hold everything up.

You’re then free to put down the rest of the ceiling but leave a gap (equal to one square and one wedge ceiling piece) above the stairs to give your character enough head-room to climb up easily.

Conan Exiles character building a tower.
Your completed ground floor with stairs in place ready for the next level.

And that’s it. You can add as many floors as you like this way.

Tip: plan ahead when positioning your windows (assuming you want some). If you want a regular pattern of windows up the tower, make sure this pattern won’t clash with the positioning of the stairs. You don’t want to see stairs next to a window. It looks weird.

I hope you found this guide useful. You can pick up more tips and tricks watching my Conan Exiles gameplay videos:

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