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Fallout 76: Where to find Screws

Screws aren’t that much use in the early game, but as you start to acquire Power Armour you’ll need a ton of them to make repairs. They’re also needed to make and repair many weapons. The list below names all the junk items in the game that contain at least one screw. This list is taken from the official Game Guide, but be aware that it’s not always completely accurate.

Aside from junk you can also recover screws from some scrapped weapons.

Whatever your source, be sure to have at least one rank of the Scrapper perk installed to help boost your yield.

From experience, offices are a good hunting ground for items that contain screws as these will often have abundant desk fans and typewriters, so it pays to look through large office buildings and the various factory complexes and research centres scattered over the map.

Toy cars and trucks, peppermills, hot plates and globes also return a good haul of screws any playroom, school or kitchen is worth a look.

Note that handcuffs and tongs also contain a screw each. They’re not common, but these are often overlooked as a screw source.

Junk items with Screws (yield in bold)

Four Carlisle Typewriter; Chez Vivi Typewriter; Giddyup Buttercup.

Three: New Toy Truck.

Two: Clean Pepper Mill; Pepper Mill; Desk Fan; Giddyup Buttercup Body; Globe; Hubcap; MiniNuke Stabilizer Fins; Restored Desk Fan.

One: Antique Globe; Office Desk Fan; Clean Globe; Handcuffs; Tongs; Hot Plate; Loose Screws; New Toy Car; Souvenir Toy Car; Toy Car; Toy Truck; Typewriter.

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