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Fallout 76: Where to find Ceramics

Ceramics will not be high on your list of must-have resources until you start building bases with lots of electronics in them, then you’ll find yourself suddenly very short indeed. Luckily ceramics are fairly common, and there is an incredible number of different types of vases in the game that all give up the good stuff. Your best locations for ceramics are going to be kitchens, cafeterias and diners, but since everyone in Appalachia appears to have been addicted to both coffee and cigarettes, any type of office space is going to give up plenty of coffee cups and ashtrays.

The list below names all the junk items in the game that contain ceramics. This list is taken from the official Game Guide, but be aware that it’s not always completely accurate.

Junk that contains Ceramics (yield in bold)

Three: Chinese Ornamental Vase; White Ornamental Vase.

Two: Garden Gnome; Flower Pot; Clean Bowl; Clean Red Plate; Clean Umbrella Stand; Umbrella Stand; Clean White Plate; Coffee Cup; VTU Coffee Cup; Memor-Eaze Coffee Cup; Souvenir Coffee Cup; Teapot; Red Plate; Saucer; Unused Ashtray; White Plate; Yellow-Trimmed Plate; Ashtray.

One: Black Bowl; Bowl; Ceramic Bowl; Cracked Bowl; Orange Bowl; Teacup; Yellow Plate; Clean Coffee Cup; Dirty Ashtray; HH-3A Capacitor; High-Powered Magnet; Ceramic Scrap; Vases.

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