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All the 'Mysterious Figurines' on the Isle of Siptah

Isle of Siptah character looking over the Pools of the Grey Ones
View over the three 'Pools of the Grey Ones'

As you journey across Siptah exploring its nooks and crannies you’ll come across various ‘Mysterious Figurines’, chunky little grey statues of a variety of dangerous enemies; some familiar, some not. But these aren’t just the Conan equivalent of Hummel collectables, these figures are the key to getting hold of some fine loot. You have to fight for it though. Go to the pools and pick one (there’s three), then place a figurine inside the small plinth provided (it acts like a container). Once the figurine is placed, the pool will erupt into a massive geyser of green water and release the enemy (or enemies) that were trapped in the stone. Then you just have to survive long enough to kill everything coming at you. Some enemies are harder than others, there are seventeen in total and these are listed below in no particular order. But first….


All your dead foes will drop loop of some description, some of it very valuable. However most enemies will drop the following as standard:

  • A Schematic Fragment - collect five of these and they merge to form the recipe for something useful and/or dangerous.

  • A Fragment of Power - handy in so many ways and if you eat one you gain 10 Feat Points.

  • The rest…Black Ice, Demon Blood, Brimstone, Ash.

Don’t forget to harvest corpses to get extra goodies. A pickaxe works best.

Spider of Leng

Isle of Siptah character facing a Spider of Leng
A Spider of Leng. Imagine that in your bathtub.

Let’s face it, that’s one massive spider, a three-skull boss who also regularly spawns smaller spiders. The smaller critters are easy to deal with, and their mamma is not too hard to whittle down, but it will take a while. Aside from the usual loot (see above) this Shelob wannabe also drops a venom sac full of deadly poisons.

Avatar of Bokrug

Isle of Siptah character facing an Avatar of Bokrug
The Avatar of Bokrug (c/o Just Horse). His personality matches his looks.

This charmer is a giant lizard demon. Like the spider he’s also a three-skull boss and a heavy hitter, but since he arrives alone it’s fairly easy to avoid his powerful attacks. This morose-looking brute can drop Blackwater Armour, the Bane of the Voiceless Ones (an axe) and the Fish-Hook (a sword). You might also get a Bokrug Heart out of it. But don’t break it.

Isle of Siptah character facing five ghouls
Ghouls (c/o Just Horse). They come at you in fives.

Not as pathetic as they look. The Ghoul figurine liberates five of these nasties and each is a one-skull boss. If they surround you things can get tricky quite quickly. Aside from the usual loot these fellows can drop poisoned ghoulish weapons: the Ghoulish Blade, Ghoulish Pike and Ghoulish Club.


Isle of Siptah character facing a pair of Lliogor dragons
Lliogors are like little dragons. They come in twos

There’s a Lloigor dragon on the map (in the Shattered Citadel) that’s a very mean three-skull boss, but the two Lloigors that spawn in the pool are only one-skull tykes and go down pretty easily if you can avoid their various attacks. Their loot can include Lloigor Fang Daggers and Lloigor Long Fang (a spear).

Giant King

Isle of Siptah character facing a Giant King
A Giant King, and a huge pain in the arse

He’s almost like an old pal from the original Conan Exiles map, but he still wants to kill you. However, despite his size, he’s only a one-skull boss and something of a pushover. He drops the widest variety of loot, much of it based around the Conan religions: Balias (a sword), Set’s Tongue (daggers), Jhebbal Sag’s Prowl (more daggers), Ranissan (a hammer), Crom’s Hammer (guess), Mordlun (a spear), Nortis (a mace), Yog’s Touch (an axe), Derketo’s Voice (a bow), Mitra’s Justice (another mace) and Ymir’s Targe (a shield).


Isle of Siptah character facing a par of Thunnha
A pair of Thunnha, probably the least impressive enemies you'll encounter

Don’t laugh. They look like short-sighted geriatric newts and are about as dangerous despite both being one-skull ‘bosses’. Try not to pity them as these puny, bow-wielding wimps fall beneath your sword. These not-so-fiesty-fellows drop Thunnha Javelins and warpaint. They may also drop Thunnha Tokens of Friendship. Take the tokens home and put them in your quick menu, then you can place a real-life Thunnha in your base. Assuming you want one. There are a few different versions to collect.

Blood Defiler

Isle of Siptah character facing a Blood Defiler
A Blood Defiler. I wish he'd buy himself some pants

Despite his evil looks this one-skull boss is not that dangerous and his wild hammer swings are easy to dodge. He can offer some nice loot though, a pair of dual-wielding axes called the Hunger Blades, the Deathbringer axe and the Heartpiercer bow.


Isle of Siptah character facing a group of Husks
Husks also come at you in fives. They're nasty.

Husks look unpleasant but are not too much of a problem unless they surround you. The Mysterious Figurine releases five of these one-skull charmers, but they don’t drop much of interest beyond Blooded Claws (melee weapons) and Blood Sacs.

Undead First Men

Isle of Siptah character facing undead first men
Undead First Men, looking pretty lively to be honest

Like Stooges and Blind Mice, Undead First Men come in threes. They’re one-skull bosses and make up for their short stature by being surprisingly vicious. They can drop interesting Primitive Armour (in light and heavy modes) and can also give you Powder of Corruption and Eldarium. The armour is really nice.


Isle of Siptah character facing Yakith devil dogs
Yakiths come in threes, they all failed obedience classes.

These devil dog/cat thingies arrive as a trio. They’re one-skull bosses and not that dangerous. They like pouncing, and they do it a lot, but they don’t do it very well. Your chance of loot includes Hound Fang Daggers and a Yakith Spike (a spear).

Blood Moon Beast

Isle of Siptah character facing a Blood Moon Beast
A Blood Moon Beast. The most dangerous enemies you'll meet at the Pools. Just atrocious.

Ugg. These are the absolute worst. Blood Moon Beasts are three skull bosses and are very nasty. They have various horrific attacks (the one pictured is firing a ‘blood arrow’) and periodically release giant maggots who quickly wriggle after you with jaws chomping. The maggots are tough to beat and are really, really annoying. Loot includes the Blood Moon Bow, Blood Moon Daggers, a Blood Moon Chakram (a throwing disc) and a Corrupted Liver. Yuck.


Isle of Siptah character facing a Krllyandian
The Krllyandian is just plain...wrong.

Something of a cross between a mushroom and a tree, the three-skull Krllyandian is perhaps the most bizarre beast of all, especially considering the glowing, light-spitting orb stuck in its belly. It’s just nuts. Hard to take down too. The Krllyandian absorbs punishment and very actively defends itself. Perhaps the second worst enemy after the Blood Moon Beast. For your efforts you may get yourself a Stone Oak Shield, the Frenzied Edge (a sword) or the Bonebreaker (a mace).

Mi-Go and Mi-Go Experiments

Isle of Siptah character facing MiGo and Experiments
A Mi-Go and four of its Experiments. It's nice to have a hobby.

A MiGo (or Mi-Go, or just Migo) is a weird blue-faced, two-legged fly creature. It’s only a one-skull boss but always comes with an entourage of four MiGo Experiments, unfortunate underlings who will attempt to either beat you up or poison you, usually both. They’re all pretty nasty and make the most peculiar sounds. All a dead MiGo will give you is Bile. So there.

Shaggai Huntress

An Isle of Siptah character facing a shaggai huntress
Shaggai Huntress (c/o Just Horse). Not very ladylike.

The Shaggai Huntress figurine releases two of these beauties. They’re both one-skull bosses and not too bad to deal with. All they drop are Huntress Arrows. Meh.


An Isle of Siptah character facing a group of shaggai
Shaggai come in gangs of six. Bring a big fly swatter.

‘Squid-faced wasp’ perhaps best describes a Shaggai. Each is a one-skull boss, but they go down easy. They drop Shaggai larvae which you can take home and grow to adulthood by putting them in a beehive with at least 100 honey. But don’t forget about them as they will eventually die in there. The Shaggai can then be placed in your base as a little flying pal. Occasionally a Shaggai boss will drop Royal Jelly that can be added to a beehive alongside honey to create a superior kind of Shaggai.

Silent Legion

An Isle of Siptah character facing the Silent Legion
The Silent Legion (c/o Just Horse). In this case we got two goons and a hot redhead.

Our only human enemies, the Silent Legion comes in a group of three. Each is a one-skull boss and they’re pretty vigorous fighters. So watch it. The dead will give up Silent Legion Armour in light, medium and heavy modes, Telith’s Sorrow (a sword) and Telith’s Lament (another sword).


Image of Tcho-Tcho humanoids from the Isle of Siptah
Tcho-Tcho are as smart as they are handsome (concept art c/o Funcom).

Tcho-Tchos come in fives. Each is a one-skull boss and they’re fairly feisty, so don’t let them surround you. Tcho-Tchos drop Warpaint and, like the Thunnha, Tokens of Friendship, so you can take a Tcho-Tcho home with you if you really want. What a treat.

And that’s it. These are the nasties lurking inside the seventeen types of Mysterious Figurine you can find on the Island. If you’d like to see some of these creatures in action, why not check out some of my Isle of Siptah gameplay videos.

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