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How to speed up horse taming in Conan Exiles

Conan character standing with horse

It might be a niche problem, but horse taming in a single-player game of Conan Exiles can be really annoying.

Believe it or not taming a horse takes a whole 12 hours (actual ‘real life’ hours). This is not a problem on a shared server as time never sleeps there, so if you’re playing an on-line game taming a horse is simply a matter of getting the process started then going to bed. The next time you log in (and assuming 12 hours have actually passed) your new ride will be waiting for you.

Not so in a single-player game, here you will have to personally spend 12 hours in-game before your horse is ready for the saddle. Quite frustrating for the keen equestrian.

The solution of course is to change the server settings to make life easier.

The first step is to make yourself an Admin on your server. To do this, press ‘Option’ (on a PS controller) then open ‘Settings’.

Image of Server settings in Conan Exiles
Press ‘Option’, then choose ‘Settings’.

On the Settings page go to the Server Settings tab (see below) and press ‘X’ (on a PS controller) to make yourself an Admin.

Now go down to ‘Pet and Hunger’ and select the ‘Animal Pen and Crafting Multiplier’ (see below) and change the slider setting. The slider default is 1.0, but it goes from 0.001 up to 10. Contrary to what you might think, you want the lowest setting possible, this is because the slider measures time not speed. You want to make the number as low as you can, so slide it down to 0.001.

Image of Server settings in Conan Exiles
Move the slider setting to 0.001.

Then, and this is important, you have to go to your stable, return everything to your inventory, including the foal, and start the taming process from scratch. This is because the stable works according to the slider setting that was in place when the last tame was started. It does not update itself.

And that’s it. With a setting of 0.001 your horse will tame in less than a minute. I hope it was helpful. If you’d like to learn more about Conan Exiles why not drop in on one of my gameplay videos. See you soon.

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