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Dying Light 1 and 2

Dying Light 1: playing as Kyle Crane, an undercover operative of the Global Relief Effort (GRE) you're sent into the quarantined city of Harran to recover an important file from a rogue political figure. As you struggle to complete your mission you also help out the city's remaining survivors as they battle against an infected population of biters, virals and volatiles. In daylight the city is a hellscape; when the sun drops it turns into a nightmare.

The Following: continues the story of Dying Light 1 beyond the walls of Harran where Kyle investigates the activities of an ancient cult who may have an cure for the infection.

Dying Light 2: set 22 years after the original outbreak you play as Aiden Caldwell who enters the embattled city of Villedor where various factions vie for dominance. Who will you side with?

Click below for some Dying Light 1 gameplay

Click below for some Dying Light 2 gameplay

Dying Light cover art
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